Buguggiate Home Project

Homebuilding & Renovating Show 2017
22 March 2017
20 December 2018

Buguggiate Home Project

Riscaldamento elettrico a pavimento

A new high-efficiency energy project with the help of the best in Warmset technology for four high-efficiency single-family homes with a view of the lake.

Warmset provided the electric floor heating with a custom output of 70 W/m2, 120 W/m2 for the bathrooms, on layers of high-density insulation and self-leveling anhydrite screed. The entire project was managed by Thermodif IC and involved the creation of a truly integrated system. Warmset heating can be either the primary heat source or a means of added comfort for the winter months.

The project also features centralized forced-air systems for heating and cooling year round, heat pumps to provide hot water, and photovoltaic systems for electricity, all controlled by a load regulation unit that makes it possible to manage the system with 10 KW three-phase energy meters.

These high-performance technologies are simple to install and make your home as comfortable and cozy as it is ecological.