Black Polypropylene

Thanks to Warmset’s Black Polypropylene specialised in greenhouse, nursery and farmland heating, the use of electricity is really easy and affordable for heating areas used for cultivation.

This is so easy because the electric heating system is so user-friendly that it can be set on the pallet and removed in just a few minutes. Affordable too because of the savings on boiler installation, for example, which would guarantee heating of water and the relative pipes the water circulates through.

Compared to other heating systems commonly used in greenhouses, Warmset’s Propylene Black guarantees a better energy yield, since the heating element is a flat conductor which thanks to its shape offers a very large heat exchange surface.

The Warmset greenhouse and nursery heating system was designed and experimented for an entire series of horticultural, floricultural and “aromatic” species thanks to collaboration with the Regional Centre of Experimentation and Agricultural Assistance of Savona.