Heating Mat – Wall Heating – Warmwall Black

The wall heater requires the insertion of the Warmset electric resistance in the existing walls which will then be covered with the most suitable coating.
As in the case of the floor, wall heater heats the coating which then in turn, once the desired temperature is reached, transmits the heat by radiation.
The wall heater can be placed both in plaster and mortar avoiding cracks with the Warmwall Black product, or in plasterboard walls with the aluminum film support with adhesive side flaps for fixing on the uprights with the Warmdrywall Aluminum Black.
Compared to the underfloor system, wall heater has several advantages in fact when it is not possible to intervene at ground level or do not want to change the existing floor, wall heater can be inserted.
The installation is very simple, just fix the heating to the wall and this installation does not affect the thickness of the floor or the sanitary hot water pipes installed on the floor.
The distribution of heat with wall heater is faster, because it must only go beyond the plaster layer and not thick floors; even the best irradiation propagates along the two meters in height on which the panels are arranged.
Wall heater is not always the best solution, in fact, for large surfaces it is difficult to heat the whole room with wall heating only; moreover, the same must not be covered by wardrobes or other furnishings and cannot be subject to hanging.



For its application to the wall, the WarmWall Black product retains all the technical characteristics of the floor product, with the difference that it can be applied even in those contexts where the use on the ground is difficult or not possible. The fiberglass mesh on which is fixed the Warmset multilayer laminated ribbon, is gathered in mets for convenient laying; the mesh is also used to be embedded in screed and glue, preventing breaks and cracks. Its application to the wall in the various stratigraphies allows to create a homogeneous radiant surface, provinding thermal comfort especially in those contexts where little power is required, allowing the walls to be covered only in the necessary area.


With a drywall instead of a fiberglass mesh, is used the Warmdrywall Aluminum Black, an aluminum film support with lateral adhesive flaps for fixing to the uprights.