W-Radiant Industry

Industrial Infrared Heating Panels | W-Radiant

Warmset’s W-Radiant panels are an innovative heating solution made by an extremely lightweight polycarbonate honeycomb casing surrounding Warmset’s one-of-a-kind, patented technology. They are surrounding by an alluminium frame which guarantees mechanical stability to the panels.
The W-Radiant Industry heating panels are specifically designed to be used in factories to heat workstations generally away from heat sources (often positioned at non-performing heights).
The panel, available in different sizes and customizable, can be installed both on the ceiling and on the wall. Thanks to its line and the possibility of
customization (with writings, images or colored logos), W-Radiant Industry is also suitable for heating offices or business centers.
The Warmset panel releases heat directly on the area of interest, ensuring a feeling of well-being for the workers or employees.
The bifilar structure of Warmset technology generates no electromagnetic emissions. Unlike heat convection, which heats and moves the air, or heat conduction, which warms through contact, thermal radiation is like the heat of the sun and warms the people and objects in a room in a manner that our bodies perceive as the best sensation of wellbeing.
They are also highly fire resistant, which is one of the reasons polycarbonate is so popular in factories and other work-related settings.

W-radiant Industry application in the hall of the Fiera di Brescia as a heat barrier at the entrance