Workstation Footboards

Warmset footboards for workstations are designed to ensure the well-being of workers which remain in the same area for many hours. Where environments are large, like warehouses or production floors, they heat in a smart, circumscribed manner, optimising energy consumption and worker comfort.

The heating footboards for workstations are plug & play (ready to use) and available in three standard sizes, or they can be custom-made.

Their metallic structure makes heat distribution outstanding and uniform and ensures mechanical resistance even in environments where working tools can produce shavings or scrap.

Technical Characteristics

Warmset heating footboards come in three sizes: 90×60 cm power 216 W, 180×60 cm power 432 W and 180×120 cm power 864 W. The footboard’s power per m2 goes from 200 to 400 W/m2.

The footboard’s galvanized steel surface ensures excellent mechanical resistance and outstanding heat distribution over the surface.

There is an insulating material inside the footboard to increase heat efficiency, keeping it from propagating to the bottom of the footboard, and from there to the floor.

On the inside, Warmset’s patented heating technology is attached to the sheet metal with an acrylic adhesive to ensure mechanical and thermal performance.
Performance Characteristics

Warmset heating footboards are a smart and practical alternative for the heating of industrial workstations.

Rather than attempting to heat the entire work environment, with the Warmset footboard it is possible to heat a specific area occupied by the worker, so two useful outcomes are achieved: you save a considerable amount of energy needed to heat the air of a large environment and you offer workers great comfort due to heat being given off from below.

The surface temperature reached depends on the temperature of the environment where the product is located, but indicatively this varies from 30 to 40 °C. Furthermore, thanks to excellent heat speed and distribution, the system allows for remarkable savings without needing to be turned on hours and hours in advance.

On request it is possible to install a thermostat in the platform, thus allowing temperature regulation.