Thanks to many years of experience, Warmset is also specialized in industrial heater. Starting from the customer’s needs, we are able to identify the best solution that allows to heat the production units and to make comfortable for the operators.
Industrial heater requires a careful study of the customer’s needs, to find the best solution that gives the company maximum economic savings and reduced energy consumption.

The real secret of Warmset’s intelligent heating is to locate the heating power in the necessary spaces only, avoiding energy waste and heat dissipation.
The large range of products dedicated to industrial heater allow us to adapt them to any environment.
For very large warehouses, where it is not possible to heat all the spaces, Warmset has created heating platforms for the workstations. The operator will have maximum comfort by taking advantage of the Warmset radiant technology inserted inside a metal structure capable of protecting the resistance itself from impact / machining.
In case of large workstations Warmset offers industrial heater consisting of W-radiant Industry, a radiant panels capable of radiating the workstations concerned from above without disturbing operators.

If the solutions normally designed by Warmset are not the most suitable for industrial heater of the shed or production unit, we have other products that can be adapted to the needs of the company, such as heat pumps or infrared lamps.
The Warmset solutions for industrial heater do not stop at room heating only, but also extend to the heating / thawing of materials normally used in the production phases with the use of drum heaters. Thanks to our electric blankets we are able to heat drums and tanks from 25 lt to 1000 lt and bring them to the temperatures necessary for the production processes.