Underfloor Heating for Interiors

An underfloor heating system is decidedly more convenient, comfortable and economical than conventional heating systems. This is because an underfloor heating system manages to save heat which usually gets wasted due to the layering of the air, which tends to reach higher temperatures near the ceiling. The higher a room’s ceiling, the more heat is saved. Basically, the higher your room is, the more affordable an underfloor heating system is.

The thermal gradient created also allows for limited heat dispersion. With an underfloor heating system you can achieve a sense of well-being with an average room temperature usually 1 or 2 °C less than any other type of heating system. This feature means less power is needed, so you save electricity and achieve a considerable drop in costs.

Warmset electric underfloor heating provides a uniform, comfortable underfloor radiant heating system because it covers a much greater surface area than average round heating cables, eliminating hot or cold spots and maintaining a uniform temperature which is distributed evenly through any floor material like parquet or tiles, marble or granite. In addition, its flat shape is decidedly less wide than conventional radiator pipes.

Using modern-day automated controls like thermostats, temperature sensors, thermal protectors and control units, Warmset systems can be run and controlled either remotely or automatically.