Unique Technology

Riscaldamento elettrico a pavimento Warmset - foto3
Riscaldamento elettrico a pavimento Warmset

ABOVE: Heating system with heating cable
BELOW: Warmset electric heating system

Warmset electric floor heating has a unique technology which ensures optimum heat distribution among round heating cable systems. Thanks to its flat shape which provides a very large heat exchange surface, as well as the short distance between heating elements, Warmset supplies uniform, comfortable underfloor radiant heating systems.

Efficiency came about after in-depth studies which revealed that the use of laminated resistive components was the key to achieving better performance through the Joule effect, which causes electric materials to generate and give off heat. In this way the system distributes its heat energy in a uniform manner and also requires less power from the system, allowing you to save electricity.

Warmset’s electric underfloor heating covers a much greater surface area than average round heating cable types, eliminating hot or cold spots and maintaining a uniform temperature which is distributed evenly through any floor material like parquet or tiles, marble or granite. In addition, through its flat shape it is decidedly less wide than conventional radiator pipes.

A feature of this one-of-a-kind heating technology is the multi-layer laminated ribbon, patented by Warmset. Strong and resistant, it is practical, less likely to get damaged during installation and does not require any future maintenance. Usually it is gathered in hanks for convenient laying, but it can also be shaped freely to negotiate obstacles like sinks or toilets in the bathroom or irregular walls.