Who we are

Warmset originated in 2012 to fine-tune an idea: the use of laminated resistive components and achieve better performance in the field of electric heating by the Joule effect, which causes electric materials to generate and emit heat.

The Warmset project was first developed at Filmcutter s.p.a. – a company which since 1997 has transformed and sold flexible insulation materials – putting itself to the test by making the exciting and well thought-out decision to compete in a production segment almost entirely new to the Italian market. And it managed to ensure a remarkable performance and worldwide recognition.

This is exactly why the long-time experience matured by Filmcutter in the lamination sector turned out to be essential to achieving production flexibility that today sees Warmset adapting all the know-how acquired to the demands of a constantly evolving market.

The first parts produced and the first patents were developed between 2007 and 2011, through careful analysis of materials and production processes. In April 2012, Warmset became a reality, an independent company in all respects, managing all the new activities in the electric heating sector on its own.

Warmset’s competitive edge is still the high level of innovation in technology, developed with exclusively designed machinery, which allows its products to achieve performance levels never-before dreamed of.

«We have applied all the technology that we developed with Filmcutter to the broadest market of electric heating, creating a unique product—green, beautiful, Italian.»

Matteo Camerra

Dynamic and innovative, Warmset was founded with the aim of providing innovative solutions in the field of electric heating systems for homes and other facilities. Its unique technology, patented and with many applications, soon launched the company into various, relevant markets. Warmset has achieved major goals on an international scale.

Warmset products are made using selected materials and the structure of the multilayer laminated ribbon—the result of meticulous tests—provides clear advantages. In addition to electric underfloor heating systems, Warmset also supplies radiators, snow melting applications for outdoors, workstation heating, industrial heaters and heating for events and other recreational activities.

Warmset’s objective is to dialogue with end-users to offer far-sighted solutions to electrically heat homes and industrial and leisure facilities. Warmset constantly endeavours to follow the principles of versatile use, easy installation and guaranteed user comfort. Warmset product flexibility is designed to adapt to a wide range of needs and satisfy the reliability and safety requirements essential to completing modern, long-lasting projects.


Warmset’s philosophy is concerned with people’s well-being. Continuous technological experiments seek to improve how heating units give off heat, making for increasingly healthier and more comfortable environments.

Company technology also protects the environment and is entirely green:

• using the Warmset system, all the electricity generated by renewable sources can be entirely converted into heat;
• all the materials used to build Warmset products are completely recyclable;

through a bifilar structure, the Warmset system does not generate any kind of electromagnetic emissions whatsoever.