Energy Savings

Thanks to its flat shape which offers a very large heat exchange surface and a short distance between heating elements, Warmset technology is applied to underfloor heating systems to ensure remarkable energy savings when compared to conventional radiator pipes or heating cable systems.
If follows that rapid heat distribution means the system does not need to stay on for too long. Temperature control is then via underfloor sensors to accurately monitor the temperature reached. With an underfloor heating system a condition of well-being is reached at an average room temperature usually 1 or 2 °C less than for any other type of heating system. This feature means less power is required, thus allowing you to save electricity and causing a considerable drop in running costs.

Strong, Long-lasting, Maintenance-free

Warmset underfloor electric heating systems are essentially static, since there are no fluids or moving mechanical parts. Through these features, the yield remains constant over time, considerably reducing maintenance and inspection costs.
Once it has been laid, the heating system does not require inspection or annual cleaning, as is often the case for smoke tests or cleaning systems for heating units which rely on natural fuel. And that is not all. The materials the system is made of are commodities which wear out slowly over time; which guarantees regular and constant efficiency of heating even after a great deal of time has passed.
The base of Warmset technology is a multi-layer metal-plastic laminate. The pairing of different materials with different characteristics ensures high mechanical resistance, reducing the likelihood of breaking or damage during construction. Specifically, the layer-by-layer lamination of the different materials guarantees great performance in terms of elasticity and when under tensile stress, due to the combination of the mechanical properties of aluminium, carbon fibre and plastic materials.
The development of the thermal and chemical characteristics of the materials guarantees their yield and duration in the conditions foreseen for installation. Polypropylene offers proper chemical resistance to the substances in cement, keeping the internal structure of the conductor intact. The adhesive in reactive polyurethane, used to glue the different layers, ensures excellent performance in adhesion, water resistance and also mechanical stress.



Easy to install

Warmset systems are easy to install. Being an electrical system, all you have to do is follow the instructions for positioning and laying, and then connect the system to the grid.
A simple diagram takes into account the floor plan of the surface to be heated, figuring out how to properly lay the heating system is a piece of cake, taking advantage of the hanks used for gathering the Warmset technology.
For installation, all you have to do is unroll the hank like a carpet and follow the instructions on cutting the backing when you need to start a new row during laying. The hank was designed to be laid out over the entire surface, except for the areas under fixed furniture or with no way to get underneath it. Once the surface is covered, all you have to do is set up the cables in parallel going towards the grid between the hanks installed and the electrical line.
The remarkable flexibility of Warmset technology during installation allows you to easily get around obstacles or bulky units, keeping the entire surface covered to ensure an optimal system yield.
The space the Warmset system takes up is nothing compared to conventional pipes or heating units. Just think that a EUR-pallet can hold over 150 m2 of electric heating system.

100% Made in Italy

100% Made in Italy
All Warmset systems are made in Italy at the plant in Montecchio Maggiore, Vicenza. Warmset products are designed through in-company study and outsourcing collaboration with designers and Italian architects. The idea behind Warmset is not merely to make functional products, but also to link technical solutions with materials and design of Italian tradition, creating a range of tasteful heating accessories that ensure customers’ well-being.
The reports on the inspection of materials, production and storage are Nemko and UL/CSA certified. The Filmcutter/Warmset group has obtained ISO-9001 certification, a symbol of extremely high efficiency in quality control.



Green Technology

With the Warmset heating system—which runs entirely on electricity—energy generated by renewable sources can be completely converted into heat. The system can be connected to the most common renewable energy production systems, in some cases allowing for self-sustained heating or in any event, for a remarkable cut in costs.
The ever more essential production of energy using renewable sources (photovoltaic, wind turbine and hydroelectric systems) makes it possible for a system using only electricity to cut installation costs and connect to natural fuel sources. Paired with storage batteries, Warmset heating can even make a home completely self-sufficient.
The materials used for Warmset products are joined plastics mainly made out of PET and PP, metals like aluminium and iron and synthetic fabrics which are entirely recyclable. The production techniques for all the products follow environmental protection regulations.

Prevents Dust, Bacteria and Allergies

Where hygiene is concerned, underfloor heating has extremely interesting advantages. First and foremost, since the floor is also the heating body, it is extremely easy to clean. In underfloor systems, not using convectors for heating entirely eliminates the formation of clumps of dust. Furthermore, the small difference in temperature between the floor and the environment (about 4 °C) does not cause convection flows and considerably reduces the kicking up of dust and with it, the bacteria that could cause allergies.
Irritation of the airways is entirely avoided, often caused by the combustion of dust which has accumulated on radiators in which high-temperature heat-transfer fluids (around 70 °C) flow.
Lastly, remember that heated floors get rid of damp, which is the main cause of bacteria proliferation. Just think that a floor which is dry all winter can stop the spread of dust mites on the floors of your home, including those in the carpets.



Automated Control

Thanks to modern-day automated controls like thermostats, temperature sensors, thermal protectors and management control units, the Warmset system can be handled and controlled remotely or automatically.
An efficient and dynamic heating check results in great savings from cutting waste of energy and increasing the well-being and comfort linked to the control of optimum heat and environmental parameters for the human body.
All this is easily run through specialised systems or your everyday technological devices like a PC, smartphone or tablet, which provide simple, convenient and handy control over the entire system.

Zero Electromagnetic Emissions

Through its bifilar structure, the Warmset system does not generate electromagnetic emissions. Its special build with two parallel conductors laid out causes the magnetic field produced by a conductor to be opposite and equal to the field of the other, creating a type of screen to eliminate the magnetic field. This is because the two electric flows running parallel in the two conductors go in opposite directions, fully compensating the magnetic field created.
The consequences of the human body becoming exposed to magnetic fields is described in numerous texts and scientific research, like that carried out by the Federal Swiss Office of Public Health: