Photovoltaic Heating

Warmset’s innovative technology can be used on the photovoltaic panels of homes and companies and for melting snow if necessary.

To prevent malfunction due to even a partial coverage of the cells by ice or snow accumulating on the panel, the Warmset heater provides fast and uniform heat over the entire area concerned. In fact, thanks to the aluminium which Warmset’s heating technology is covered with, heat is distributed evenly over the entire panel. This is also guaranteed by the large contact surface, which is ensured by the product’s self-adhesive properties, whose glue can withstand high temperatures.

Assembly is fast, because no tool or accessory is required to attach the product to the panel. Warmset heating technology can connect in series up to 16 modules with the connectors installed in the heater itself.

Based on customers’ specific needs, heaters can be made for custom-made photovoltaic panels.